Al-Mayadin provides a unique variety of the Psychometrics tests in the Arabic Language besides other languages. Our research has found that the tests designed for the foreign cultures don’t maintain their dependability and validity when translated “directly” to other languages and cultures. Therefore, we have invested a lot in adapting the Psychometrics in a sound and scientific manner to match with the region’s culture.

As a result, Al-Mayadin has set out to build a strategic partnership with the global tests specialist, Psytech, one of the most important developers of the most dependable and valid tests, and made which available in Arabic. We have also developed tests so as to be presented in writing or using computers or the internet.

Our tests are categorized whether personal or capability tests. And so many other types as well are available within each category. Such variety guarantees the fulfillment of the most assessment needs.

First: Measurement Uses:

  • Assessment Centers

Assessment Centers refer to the process, not to the place. And the process will incorporate the assessment of the possibility of the individuals to occupy certain jobs through the use of the Psychometrics associated with a study of the individual behavior within a host of the work situations simulation that aims at displaying the competences required for such a job. The assessment centers will be different from the development centers in the way those results are used. The Assessment Centers are largely used for the purposes of selection and hiring, while the development centers are designed to determine the developmental needs of the individual or the workgroups; and there are lots of the researche that show that the use of objective methodologies like the assessment centers helps the companies procure, develop, enhance and retain the human resources in a more effective manner than those approaches that rely on the individual insights and subjective methodologies like, interviews and referrals.

  • Selecting Leaders and High Potentials

Al-Mayadin prides itself of the possession of a large pool of expertise in the whole Middle East region and the international levels that enable identifying “high potentials” and “leadership potentials” from among the employees. Al-Mayadin could observe and assess the leadership candidates on the basis of the perks and advantages that would likely lead to stronger future leaders through a combination of the Assessment and Development Centers, where we would develop the individual talent reports and a summary of the advantages of each candidate. The outcomes could be used in the planning of the job succession, talent management, leadership skills development programs.

We also help determine the leadership criteria that would suit the institutions and how far those criteria would participate in spotting the future leaders. The outcomes of the talent assessment could associate the results of the job performance to result in a profound and in-depth assessment of the individual capabilities and potentials. And upon defining the leadership criteria we don’t count only on the current performance, but rather, we also verify the general competences, adaptability, learning ability, and development.

  • Job Orientation:

  1. Professional orientation for the students:

    the professional interests of the students could swing occasionally between the opinions and other different forces that would influence their decisions. Therefore, it’s rather important that they have a realistic view to their interests and capabilities. The job orientations report (OIP+) will investigate into three aspects of the personal characteristics, which are: the professional interests, work needs, and intellectual capabilities that are largely used by the consultants, orientation experts and occupational mentoring in the whole world. The occupational orientations report will provide reports in Arabic so that the occupational orientation consultants could use them with the students around the possible academic and professional options. The report makes available the different job choices, besides a description of the nature of the student personality and their needs from the work environment.

  2. Professional occupational coaching and orientation:

    the professionals could also utilize the occupational coaching solutions we present through the study of their personal traits, work preferences, values and motivations. The occupational center assessment could help highlight the strengths, development areas, and aids in steering the beneficiaries on how to build their strengths or improve the development areas.

  • Employment and Selection

If you were about to go for a huge hiring campaign, Al-Mayadin will provide a vast array of assessment tools approved in Arabic and English for selecting and determining the most appropriate candidates for your institution, and thus save time and money, and facilitate the recruitment process. The vast array of psychological tests and questionnaires will cover the most personal aspects like the personal characteristics, job interests, motivation, values and capabilities, which attach importance to hiring and professional selection decisions. It’s rather important to reiterate that our tests could be run through the internet or pencil and paper, which would secure the chance to test large groups simultaneously. After which, the results could be managed and displayed in one customized and integrated program.

  • Training and Development

The modern measurement methods aim to position Al-Mayadin at the forefront in the field of helping corporations determine the learning, individuals and workgroups development needs. And the center would accurately determine the effective solutions as to the needs of training and development using unique technologies and well-advanced methodology that could be applied in both Arabic and English. And the results of our development centers could be capitalized upon to analyze the training needs and build personal development programs, or to enhance and reinforce the self-awareness of the individuals and workgroups through the following:

    1. Analyzing training needs: the effectiveness of the development initiatives will hinge upon the accurate determination of the training needs of the individuals and workgroups before starting any training program. Our objective assessment methodology will highlight the needs of development whether at the individual or workgroups to epitomize the training and development budgets more effectively and accurately.

    2. Development reports: Al-Mayadin will provide the development reports to the Human Resources department or Training Groups. Such reports will combine the results of assessment from several sources in the development centers in a whole comprehensive report that will shed the light on the strengths of the candidates’ competences and development needs. The objective assessment technologies developed that we have developed will guarantee the veracity and credibility of such reports, which have proven invaluable as to a number of the institutions partnering with us.

Cementing the self-awareness: Al-Mayadin is distinguished in using the 360-degree assessment programs in the Middle East through the usage of developed and advanced technologies for developing questionnaires using the internet in Arabic, and followed by synthesized Arabic reports. The Comprehensive 360-degree assessment program spans the assessment responses, including the colleagues, managers, and direct reports, and any other third parties who have connection with the employee, which will extend a unique and realistic view to the efficacy of the employee in the workplace in such a manner that would enhance the self-awareness of the individuals and strengthen their adoption of the developmental initiatives.

Second: Types of TMA Assessments

Our assessments are categorized whether personal, team, job activity and capability assessments . And so many other types as well are available within each category. Such variety guarantees the fulfillment of the most assessment needs.

TMA Method For Talent Management

The TMA method is designed to unlock the potential of your workforce. The TMA Tools enable to map drives, talents, capabilities, occupational interest and competencies of human resources and align human capital with the organizational strategy, brand promise, values, business objectives and specific roles/profile. For more Information visit

TMA Analysis

TMA Talent assessment makes it possible to conduct an objective, constructive and especially thorough analysis of motivations, talent and development possibilities. TMA Talent Assessment can be used for selection, development, mobility, career choice and reintegration issues. With the TMA Talent Assessment, 22 drives and 44 talents are exhaustively mapped. Also you get insight in the development potential of most of the 53 TMA Competencies.

team assessment

The TMA team assessment collects the profiles of the team members and generates a comprehensive report providing a direct overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Additionally, team roles are clarified. The analysis results indicate the role of the leader and other members of the team, which leads to an improved balance, and better performance of the team.

The TMA team assessment collects the profiles of the team members and generates a comprehensive report providing a direct overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Additionally, team roles are clarified. The analysis results indicate the role of the leader and other members of the team, which leads to an improved balance, and better performance of the team.


The various cognitive capabilities assessments are divided into two categories:

1- The logical reasoning analyses map out fluid and crystallized intelligence.

2- The skills analyses certain, in particular, specific skills or areas of knowledge.

You can, depending on the position for which a candidate must be assessed, define which cognitive capabilities assessment you want to offer.


The Job and Activities Interest Assessment shows the preferences of candidates for certain professional sectors nd activities. It is intended for adults and adolescents on higher level. The answers given by the candidate to the statements measure the preference for certain sectors and activities.

360 feedback

feedback instrument is used to measure competencies. This instrument is about generating feedback through a number of people with a different perspective of the behavior of the central person. The goal is to obtain a broad picture of the current behavior in the workplace. TMA method facilitates feedback using your or our competencies within each workflow imaginable.


The TMA Competency Set Analysis makes it possible to determine optimized competency profiles which can be compared, rated and assessed with the opinion of “job experts” of the function.
These job experts can log into your portal and assess, rate and review the core competence and behavioral properties of the function.