In a recognition of the importance of development, training and qualification of the necessary competencies and human capital upon whose shoulders the nation advancement and prosperity will rely, and coping with the fast-paced change and highly-developed and competitive technology, and the associating functions and newly emerging jobs, we have developed effective training programs that rely heavily on  international demand, and training leaders, staff and work seekers to serve them and help them maintain advancement and constant development in the first place, and to achieve the objectives of the organizations and national institutions, not to mention the participation in the achievement of the sustainable development of our treasured nation.
It’s also worth noting that our company has given the due attention to the English language, computer skills and leadership skills with the newly introduced programs in reliance on God followed by your capabilities, brains, and distinguished competences, which are considered the biggest main strategic alliance ever.


Salman Al-Deghither

Work Scope Summary

First Phase:

  • Signing an Employment-Training contract with the Al-Mayadin Training Institute and the company.
  • Submitting a request for signing a support agreement to the Human Resources Development Fund, Charitable Social Fund, or any other support entity (in case of support).
  • Signing the support agreement with the Human Resources Development Fund or the Charitable Social Fund or any other support entity.
  • Recruiting trainees.

Third Phase:

Selection and appointment:

  • Submitting logs of candidates who passed all tests.
  • Approving all the names by the company for initiating the training phase.
  • Signing the supported work contract with the approved and appointed candidates.

Trainee File:

The trainee’s file will include the following documents:

  1. Filling in the form of the job application.
  2. True copy of the educational qualification for enrollment in the program.
  3. Copy of the Identity Card for Saudis and citizens of the GCC.
  4. Recent photos of the trainee, one for the Trainee’s Identity, and the other for the Registration Application Form.
  5. Scientific certificates + practical experiences, if any.
  6. The interview assessment form.
  7. Adding the name of the accepted trainee to the name of the company at the Labor Office (through the company).
    • An undertaking of attending the training periods entirely.
    • An undertaking of not having registered the name of the trainee at the Labor Office with another company.
    • An undertaking of the end of relation of any trainee with any previous company with which he/she was registered.
    • A sketch out of the location of the trainee house.
    • Form of acquaintance (2 acquaintances + 2 siblings).
  8. Submitting a log of the names of the trainees to the Public Agency for Technological and Vocational Training.

Second Phase:

  • Recruitment and selection.
  • Testing trainees to determine the level of the English language and/or the computer skills.
  • Selecting/accepting the candidates nominated by the client for training.

Fourth Phase:

The trainee:

  • Preparing packages relating to the client and customized as per the job description provided by the customer.
  • Having trainees registered on the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training.
  • Dividing the timetable of the training program along the training period with its two sections; theoretical and practical.
  • The trainee should complement the theoretical aspect of the training as per the training packages prescribed by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training.

Fifth Phase:

Assessment and reporting:

  • The client will be provided with monthly reports and assessment.
  • The client will be provided with a monthly attendance log (before salaries date).
  • A follow-up will be made with the incumbent officers in the company during the practical training period.

Sixth Phase:

Graduation and certificates

  • Graduation and certificates.
  • Examining the trainee by the end of the training period with the comprehensive exam in coordination with the Public Agency for Technological and Vocational Training, and the outcomes of the exam will be uploaded thereby to the Agency’s website.
  • Producing certificates and sending which to the Public Agency for Technological and Vocational Training for ratification.
  • Delivering the certificates to the company.

Procedures of Recruitment and Selection

Methods & Bodies of Trainees Recruitment

Recruitment could be made through the following:

  • Client advertising in the papers
  • Logs of the Labor Office of the job seekers in the private sector
  • Logs of the candidates of the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh
  • Institutes of English Language Learning and Computer institutes
  • Job seekers’ files in Al-Mayadin Training Institute
  • Bab Rizk Jameel (Abdullatif Jameel for Community Service)
  • Candidates of the client and those transferred from the Staffing and Saudization Department

Form of Examination of Candidates nominated for Training

  • Job application form
  • Interview assessment form
  • English language test
  • Computer test

General Framework of the Educational Materials

Specialized materials represent tasks, knowledge and skills deduced from  job analysis schedule while support materials represent general knowledge, work behavior, materials, and equipment mentioned in the job analysis schedule.

For example, computer skills and English language are considered among general knowledge generally needed by trainees. On the other hand, work behavior represents the behaviors that the employee should have to achieve work requirements perfectly.

General Knowledge and Learned Skills:

  • Good command of English language
  • Good command of the computer applications (word, excel, etc.)
  • Having the ability to persuade
  • Having the ability to prioritize
  • Having the skills of telephone answering
  • Arithmetic operations savvy

Future Interests and Orientations:

  • Interest in the training courses.
  • Using the modern technology in the selling transactions.
  • Providing the materialistic and moral support to the employee.
  • Polishing up the job with good interpersonal skills.

Graduation and Awarding Phase:

  • Producing the attendance logs of the trainees and forwarding which to the client.
  • Sending the logs of trainees’ names to the Public Agency for Technological and Vocational Training.
  • Entering data of the names of the trainees with the support body (client website) and (Mayadin Institute for Training website).
  • Entering the names of the trainees at the Labor Office of Riyadh and producing the printout that would prove that the trainee works for the said client.
  • Awarding attendance certificates and course completion certificates by the Mayadin Institute for Training; such certificates will be accredited by the Public Agency for Technological and Vocational Training (per the logs forwarded to the Public Agency for Technological and Vocational Training) during two weeks as of the commencement of the training course.
  • Delivering the graduation certificates to the client.